* Ceiling Pendants - A580

* Ceiling Pendants - A580


  • Ceiling Pendants are custom ordered.

Look through the images to get an idea of some different sizes and heights, though we fully understand that each home is unique and desired heights may vary.

We have provided a custom order form which you will be prompted to fill out upon checkout.

  • Night Sky code compliant.

Shown in this image are ceiling pendants with a pendant hood that measures 6 1/2” OD x 7 1/2” H with an overall height of 20”

Select your finish upon checkout.

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In this photo: 3 Ceiling Pendants (20" overall height, 7 1/2" overall diameter, 9" high)

This photo represents one of many finishes available . 

Any lighting fixture can be made to meet your specific needs.

Please inquire about custom sizes. (505) 470-3140